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Established in 1996, THE EYE WITHIN  is a Kolkata-based non profit-making organization, which is fully devoted to the promotion of contemporary Indian art and artists. A decade ago, when Mr.Goutam Das, our secretary, undertook this attempt almost single-handedly, he was not so sure that this attempt of his will take such a big shape in no time. 

WWW.INDIANMASTERPAINTERS.COM is one of the oldest web site of art and from the day it started it started attaining prominence in very little time. The demand for Indian paintings was always very high, and our exclusive collection started attracting art-collectors from all-over the world. The boom in our client-size occurred in 2004, when we became the publisher of the first internet-based Art News Magazine. It received an over-whelming response from all art-enthusiasts. Very soon we plan to bring it out in the print version. Today, we have over 6,000 registered viewers of which 60% are N.R.I.s. Almost to all art-collectors and  art connoisseurs ours is a known name and all our clients are from the high profile affluent class of the society. Our yearly average viewer ship is around 30,00,000, which is increasing every day. U.S.A. ranks first in our viewer ship list.


As our web site was expanding,  the working body of our organization, which we call as ‘THE EYE WITHIN?was simultaneously undertaking various projects.

In 1997,we took our first momentous and ingenious step by arranging an art camp series named  ‘The Artist in His City? Ingenious, because we had selected ten odd and striking places of the city, where the artists toyed to recreate the image of their city on their canvas. And we ‘The Eye Within?provided them with the scope and infrastructure to realize it. Our chosen areas were Dakshineswar Temple, Kidderpore Dock, College street Coffee House, Sonagachhi red light area,Kumartolli,Esplanade crossing, Writer’s Building and such places. These camps  got exceedingly popular and got a huge coverage by the media. Eminent artists like Prokash Karmakar,Swapan Polley,Sanjay Das participated in this camp.

In India and abroad, we have hosted numerous exhibitions. In abroad ,we have held exhibitions in Sidney,Australia,Cincinity(U.S.A.) and many more. In India, we have held exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and many more. We do organize cultural evenings with talented dancers, singers and musicians. Among the notable sponsors of these cultural nights, we had SONY with us.

In 2004,we organized a camp named ‘I AM ABLE?in joint effort with REHABILITATION INDIA .It was an effort on our side to encourage the physically disabled few to draw, to cherish few moments of joy. The event was sponsored by Science City,Allahabad Bank & Bharat Petroleum. It was presided by the honorable Government Shymal Sen and participated by celebrities from all corners of life. 

In 2005,we did a charitable art camp named ‘HARMONY IN DIVERSITY?to support the victims of Tsunami. Eminent painters like Prokash Karmakar,Shyamal Dutta Roy,and many others with  authors like Sunil Gangopadhyaya,Samaresh Majumdar participated in this camp.  This event was sponsored by Allahabad Bank, SAIL, TATA Steel, ONGC, Indian Oil and Teacher’s.

Another art camp was held by us in the same year in ‘Fort Radisson?in Raichak .Among the eminent painters, we had Samir Aich,Sunil Das,Prokash Karmakar,Shekhar Roy, Aditya Basak,Subrata Bandopadhyaya and such like for fund-raising of the ‘Golden Brush?2006.

In 2006, we started a remarkable award-giving night on paintings from all-over Bengal named THE GOLDEN BRUSH  .Unlike celluloid, photography, and other visual media there was no awards to encourage the young talents who dress up their canvas with immense gusto and die-hard  efforts  to create new forms. Yet paintings are sold at phenomenal prices and painters are revered as celebrities. As an opening year, we held this celebration night at The Oberoi Grand ,Kolkata in 15th of March. Our ceremony was inaugurated by Priyaranjan Das Munshi and was graced by the presence of the popular celebrities like Rupa Ganguly and Ranjit Mullick.This event was sponsored by Bajaj Alliance,United Breweries,Allahabad Bank.

In 2006 Colours for Tomorrow   is a unique attempt of ours to promote art-awareness among the children, with whom lay the future of our country. We have selected children from all sections of the society- slums, physically and mentally challenged sections, the intellectual section. At different schools and venues, we are doing art camps to awake the creativity within children. Among them we will select the first fifty in whom the spark of creativity is most potent. We will give them the opportunity to participate in the two-days?workshop in Victoria Memorial Hall. There they will learn the basics of drawing and sketches from the eminent painters. Our motto is to arise the feeling of one-ness among the children of various classes of the society. More...

We do have an eventful year ahead, programs to be held both in India and abroad. We hope to move forward gloriously and with good intention as we have always done. In this vast journey of ours, we hope to have your support and your good wish by our side, forever.

Legally registered under the social register act  vide registration no. S/89587 ,we are also registered for  ‘exemption of Income tax Act ‘under. 80G and 12A. No. IT(E)1090-8E/83/2002-03 and DIT(E)-/s-116-8E/83/2002-03.

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