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?u>Winning Bids:

The closing bid for a lot is the highest bid at the time at which a particular lot's bidding has ended. No further bids can be made after the close of the bidding for that particular lot. The closing bid is considered a winning bid, only if the bid equals or exceeds the reserve price. If the closing bid on a particular lot is below the reserve price, it will not be considered a winning bid and the lot will be deemed unsold. The winning bids for all sold lots will be posted on the website after the close of the bidding.

?u>Bid Notifications:

We will notify you if your bid matches with our criteria.

?u>Reserve Price;

All lots in this auction are subject to a reserve price, which is confidential. The reserve price is the minimum price that the lot may be sold for. No lot will be sold below its reserve price and the reserve price will not exceed the low price estimate (see the price estimate section for more information). Reserve prices will not be disclosed.

?u>Bid Cancellation:

The Eye Within reserves the right to cancel a bid at its discretion if it considers it necessary to do so in order to protect the efficacy of the bidding process

?u>Currency of Bidding and Special Lots;

Bids will be placed in US Dollars (USD) or Indian Rupees (INR). However, only buyers in India may pay for their purchases in INR at the close of the auction. All other buyers must complete payment in USD.


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